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Knowllence relaye une information de PRIMECA
Program of CIRP Design 2010
mardi 6 avril 2010 , Sandrine Beaujon

the previsonnal program of the CIRP Design 2010 is going to be put on line on the website : Please find attached a pf version of the program.

The program proposes 25 sessions including 77 papers, and 7 keynote papers. This is a real interesting occasion to meet lot of the best specialits of actual approaches in Global Product Development.

The proceedings of the presented papers will be printed after the conference. A USB key containing the pdf files of the papers will be provided at the registration desk with the conference pack. Best Papers will be awarded and extended versions of these best papers will be proposed for submission in different journals of the community.

The early registration for the confrence is up to 2nd of April. So, if you would like to have the benefit of reduced registration fees, please fulfill the form on line, print the document, sign it and send it back, as indicated on the website.

On behalf of the International Program Committee and his Honorary Chairman, Prof. M. VERON, and on behalf of the organising committee, I would like to encourage all of you to attend and contribute to the success of this event.

best Regards,

Prof. A. BERNARD Chairman of CIRP Design 2010

Previsionnal Program

Sunday 18 April 2010 Hall S 18:00 - 20:00 welcome cocktail and registration

Monday 19 April 2010 Hall S 8:00 - 9:00 welcome coffee and registration Amphi S 9:00 - 9:45 opening ceremony

Keynote session Amphi S 9:45-10:25 Keynote 1 D. DUTTA 10:35-11:50 Amphi A EGPDA Amphi B8 PCID 1 Amphi B9 MBPE 1 Hall L 12:00-13:30 Lunch

Parallel sessions Amphi A 13:45-14:25 Keynote 2 N. SUH Amphi A 14:25-15:05 Keynote 3 L. QIAO 15:10-16:25 Amphi A MMVM Amphi B8 PCID 2 Amphi B9 MBPE 2

Hall A 16:25-16:55 Coffee break

Parallel sessions 16:55-18:10 Amphi A KM 1 Amphi B8 RPD1 Amphi B9 Collab Asp Town Hall 19:30-21:00 Civic reception

Tuesday 20 April 2010 Hall S 8:00 - 8:30 welcome coffee and registration Keynote session Amphi S 8:30-9:10 Keynote 4 P. GU Amphi S 9:10-9:50 Keynote 5 S. TICHKIEWITCH Hall S 9:50-10:20 Coffee break

Parallel sessions 10:30-11:45 Amphi A KM 2 Amphi B8 RPD2 Amphi B9 PDModels 1 Hall L 12:00-13:30 Lunch

Parallel sessions 13:45-15:00 Amphi A KM 3 Amphi B8 RPD 3 Amphi B9 PDModels 2 15:00-16:15 Amphi A KM 4 Amphi B8 VRCM1 Amphi B9 IPProcess Hall A 16:15-16:45 Coffee break

Parallel sessions 16:45-18:20 Amphi A KM 5 Amphi B8 VRCM2 Amphi B9 PDMethods 1 Bateaux 20:00-23:00 Gala Diner

Wednesday 21 April 2010 Hall S 8:00 - 8:30 welcome coffee and registration Keynote session Amphi S 8:30-9:10 Keynote 6 C. McMAHON Amphi S 9:10-9:50 Keynote 7 F. VAN HOUTEN Hall S 9:50-10:20 Coffee break

Parallel sessions 10:30-11:45 Amphi A RequMan Amphi B8 ESDesign Amphi B9 PDMethods 2 Amphi S Eco-aspects Amphi S 12:00-12:45 Closing ceremony - Best Paper Awards Hall L 13:00-14:30 Lunch 14:45-18:30 Optionnal laboratories and companies visits

Previsionnal parallel sessions content

Monday 19 April 2010

10:35-11:50 Amphi A Evolutions of Global Product Development Approaches (EGPDA)

44 Evolution over the Life Span of Complex Systems Monica Pena Eleonora Ibragimova Mary Kathryn Thompson

47 Rethinking the Role of Time in Formal Design Theories Mary Kathryn Thompson Mykhailo Doroshenko

90 Semantic Knowledge Based Approach for Product Maintenance Support I.Sanya E.Shehab R.Roy O.Houseman M.Jonik

10:35-11:50 Amphi B8 Patents as resources for Creative and Inventive Design - 1 (PCID1)

60 Computer-Aided Comparison of Thesauri extracted from complementary patent classes as a means to identify relevant field parameters Gaetano Cascini Manuel Zini

38 Knowledge extraction from patent : achievements and open problems. A multidisciplinary approach to find functions. Davide Russo

19 Acquisition of Evolution Oriented Knowledge from Patent Texts François Rousselot Cecilia Zanni-Merk Denis Cavallucci

10:35-11:50 Amphi B9 Metrics and Benchmarking, performance evaluation - 1 (MBPE1)

56 Specifications of a quality referential For Performance in design Aurelien Poulet Bertrand Rose Emmanuel Caillaud

66 Towards a Performance Measurement System for lean-oriented NPD processes Marco Taisch Donatella Corti Sergio Terzi

10 Performance evaluation of parallel manipulators for milling application Pashkevich Anatol Klimchik Alexandr Briot Sébastien Chablat Damien

15:10-16:25 Amphi A Models and Methods for Variation Management (MMVM)

52 A New Approach to Transform a Constrained Geometric Object Mireille Moinet Philippe Serré Alain Rivière André Clément

9 Design method taking into account Geometric Variations Management along the design process Costadoat Renaud Mathieu Luc Falgarone Hugo

67 Integration of multiphysical phenomena in robust design methodology Dinh Son Nguyen Frédéric Vignat Daniel Brissaud

15:10-16:25 Amphi B8 Patents as resources for Creative and Inventive Design - 2 (PCID2)

14 The Evolution of Torque Transfer Technology by Use of computerized Patent Analysis Jan M. Gerken Martin G. Möhrle

34 An ISAL Approach for Design Rationale Discovery Using Patent Documents Ying Liu

42 Automatically Characterizing Products through Product Aspects Paul-Armand Verhaegen Joris D’hondt Dennis Vandevenne Simon Dewulf Joost R. Duflou

15:10-16:25 Amphi B9 Metrics and Benchmarking, performance evaluation - 2 (MBPE2)

81 Priority Evaluation of Product Metrics for Sustainable Manufacturing Ankur Gupta Ramu Vangari Anshu Dhar Jayal I S Jawahir

79 A Framework for Assessing the Reliability of Mechatronic Systems Amadou Coulibaly Egon Ostrosi

55 Using Systems Analysis Techniques to Understand the Relationships between Skills, Effort and Learning Jill Urbanic Waguih ElMaraghy

16:55-18:10 Amphi A Knowledge Management for creative and inventive design - 1 (KM 1)

 : A Critical Review Ying Liu

75 Ontological Semantics of Standards and PLM Repositories in the Product Development Phase Marco Franke Patrick Klein Lutz Schröder

58 A Framework to Support Semantic Interoperability in Product Design and Manufacture Nitishal Chungoora Robert Young

16:55-18:10 Amphi B8 Rapid Product Development, Reverse Engineering, Virtual Reality - 1 (RPD1)

61 A Systems Approach to Hybrid Design Utilizing Fused Deposition Modeling and CNC Machining Victoria Townsend Jill Urbanic

69 Design for Wire and Arc Additive Layer Manufacture Jorn Mehnen Jialuo Ding Helen Lockett Panos Kazanas

26 Characterization of Selective Laser Sintered Implant Alloys : Ti6Al4V And Co-Cr-Mo andrea gatto luca iuliano srgio bortolini

16:55-18:10 Amphi B9 Collaborative Aspects (CollAspects)

36 Integrating Product Model and Whiteboard to ease Collaborative Work in Global Product Development Hanh Vu Thi Philippe Marin Frederic Noel

68 Multi-user collaborative design tools for use in Product Development Roy Damgrave Eric Lutters

46 The Collaborative Product Design and Help to Decision Making : Interactive Mind-Mapping. Toni Da Luz Emilie Loup-Escande Hervé Christofold Simon Richir

Tuesday 20 April 2010

10:30-11:45 Amphi A Knowledge Management for creative and inventive design - 2 (KM 2)

12 computerized range of products in the automotive supply industry Joerg Feldhusen Arun Nagarajah Sebastian Schubert

30 Case-Based Reasoning for Adaptive Aluminium Extrusion Die Design Suthep Butdee Serge Tichkiewitch

91 Knowledge Management for Mass Customization Joanna Daaboul Alain Bernard Florent Laroche

10:30-11:45 Amphi B8 Rapid Product Development, Reverse Engineering, Virtual Reality - 2 (RPD2)

43 Reverse Engineering for Spotting of Sheetmetal Forming Dies Christine Schöne Süße Dietmar Ralph Stelzer

15 Reverse Engineering of a automobile Engine piston using KBRE approach Alexandre Durupt Sébastien Remy Guillaume Ducellier

1 Model Construction Based on CMM and Optical Scanning Data Pengxin Liu Yang wang

10:30-11:45 Amphi B9 Product Design Models - 1 (PDModels1)

76 Product modelling for configurable design in advanced CAD system Egon Ostrosi Amadou Coulibaly Michel Ferney

16 Proposition of a Methodology for Developing a Database of Design Methods Nathalie Lahonde Jean-François Omhover Améziane Aoussat

40 A generic hybrid intelligent system model for multiresponse process design Tatjana Sibalija Vidosav Majstorovic

13:45-15:00 Amphi A Knowledge Management for creative and inventive design - 3 (KM 3)

45 Knowledge Management for Innovative Design Jing Xu Rémy Houssin Emmanuel Caillaud Mickäel Gardoni

37 Acquiring innovative manufacturing engineering knowledge for the preliminary design of complex mechanical components Sara Mountney Rajkumar Roy James Gao

5 Knowledge Management vs Knowledge Sharing : User-inspired Design and Co-creation Processes Maria Antonietta Sbordone

13:45-15:00 Amphi B8 Rapid Product Development, Reverse Engineering, Virtual Reality - 3 (RPD3)

8 Virtual-Reality-Based Simulation of NC Programs for Milling Machines Reimund Neugebauer Philipp Klimant Volker Wittstock

70 Virtual Reality in Planning of Non-Destructive Testing Solutions Nikolay Avgoustinov Christian Boller Gerd Dobmann Bernd Wolter

32 Series production of CE-certified orthopaedic implants with integrated engineered trabecular structures for improved osseointegration Patrizio Cremascoli Patrik Ohldin

13:45-15:00 Amphi B9 Product Design Models - 2 (PDModels2)

41 Interdisciplinary function-oriented Design and Verification for the Development of Mechatronical Products Rainer Stark Haygazun Hayka Asmus Figge Robert Woll

29 Towards Semantic Virtual Prototypes for the Automatic Model Combination Rafael Radkowski

92 PLM processes to respond to mechanical SMEs needs Julien Le Duigou Alain Bernard Nicolas Perry Jean-Charles Delplace

15:00-16:15 Amphi A Knowledge Management for creative and inventive design - 4 (KM 4)

27 Knowledge based plants layout configuration and piping routing Paolo Cicconi Roberto Raffaeli

13 An Interactive-based approach to the Layout design optimization Julien Benabes Fouad Bennis Emilie Poirson Yannick Ravaut

93 A case study of capitalisation and valorisation of our technical heritage Florent Laroche Jean-Louis Kerouanton Alain Bernard

15:00-16:15 Amphi B8 Value, Risk and Cost Management - 1 (VRCM1)

48 Product-driven Process Value Analysis Yuri Borgianni Gaetano Cascini Federico Rotini

28 Decision making and value considerations during the early stages of engineering design Galina Medyna Eric Coatanea

33 Pump Performance and Evaluation over the Internet Karl Darbyshire Dave Webb

15:00-16:15 Amphi B9 Integration Product-Process (IPProcess)

83 Integrated New Product Introduction Challenges in Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Essam Shehab Malachy Maginness Chris Beadle

7 A multi-process manufacturing approach based on STEP-NC data model Raphael Laguionie Matthieu Rauch Jean-Yves Hascoet

65 DFM synthesis based on product-process interface modelling Jawhar Elgueder Lionel Roucoules Emmanuelle Rouhaud Florent Cochennec

16:45-18:20 Amphi A Knowledge Management for creative and inventive design - 5 (KM 5)

50 A design logistics support tool on an operational level Ludovic Louis-Sidney Vincent Cheutet Samir Lamouri Olivier Puron Antoine Mezza

80 A Unified Assembly Information Model for Design and Manufacturing Lihong Qiao Feng Han

49 Knowledge Based Engineering approach through CAD systems : results of a two years experimentation in an industrial design office Bluntzer Jean-Bernard Sagot Jean-Claude Mahdjoub Morad

16:45-18:20 Amphi B8 Value, Risk and Cost Management - 2 (VRCM2)

18 Risk Minimised Procurement in Low Wage Countries Robert Schmitt Thomas Zentis

39 Lean Implementation Starts With Takt Farzad Sanati

3 Product Design for Global Production Gisela Lanza Stefan Weiler

2 Systematic Preparation for Marketing a New Technology Walter Kästel

16:45-18:20 Amphi B9 Product Design Methods - 1 (PDMethods1)

82 A Holistic Approach for Sustainable Product Design Hassan Abdalla

23 Method-supported product development for post-series supply Uwe Dombrowski Sebastian Weckenborg Sven Schulze

57 Set Based Robust Design of Systems - Application to Flange Coupling Ahmed Jawad Qureshi Jean-Yves DANTAN Jérôme BRUYERE Régis BIGOT

73 An assembly sequences generation of three dimension product Louisa Issaoui Nizar Aifaoui Borhen Louhichi Abdelmajid Benamara

Wednesday 20 April 2010

10:30-11:45 Amphi A Requirements Management (RequMan)

20 A Multi-dimensional Model for Structuring Stakeholder Requirements Horst-Artur Crostack Sandra Klute Robert Refflinghaus

51 Parametric Approach for Geometrical Requirement Calculation Along the Product Life-Cycle. Guillaume Mandil Philippe Serré Alain Desrochers André Clément Alain Rivière

4 Abstract objectives can become more tangible with the contact and channel model (C&CM) Thomas Alink Albert Albers

10:30-11:45 Amphi B8 Early Stage Design (ESDesign)

74 Towards a Guideline for the Early Stage of Product Development Alexander Hesmer Heiko Duin Klaus-Dieter Thoben

17 A New Approach for the Development of a Creative Method to Stimulate Responsible Innovation Benjamin Tyl Jérémy Legardeur Dominique Millet André Falchi Bertrand Ranvier

24 Configuration of Complex Custom Products in Early Design Phases Using Dependencies Systems Irene Alexandrescu Hans-Joachim Franke Thomas Vietor

10:30-11:45 Amphi B9 Product Design Methods - 2 (PDMethods2)

31 A Product Life Cycle Oriented Approach for Knowledge Based Product Configuration Systems Viktor Pana-Schubert Hendro Wicaksono Sven Rogalski

59 Integration of Life Cycle Engineering and Multi-Attribute Analysis to Support Product Development : process design and material selection for a clothes peg César Inácio Inês Ribeiro Paulo Peças Elsa Henriques

71 Multiobjective Design Optimization of 3-PRR Planar Parallel

Manipulators Raza Ur-Rehman Stéphane Caro Damien Chablat Philippe Wenger

10:30-11:45 Amphi S Ecological Aspects (EcoAspects)

64 Towards a robust touch-down process of eco-technologies in vehicle development projects Buet Gael Gidel Thierry Millet Dominique

54 How ecodesign tools are really used - Requirements list for a context-related ecodesign tool Flore Vallet Dominique Millet Benoit Eynard

85 ACLODS - A holistic framework for environmentally friendly product lifecycle design Srinivas Kota Amaresh Chakrabarti


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