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The 1st International Conference on Advanced Model Measurement Technology for the EU Maritime Industry
Nantes - 1er et 2 Septembre 2009
mercredi 29 avril 2009 , Sandrine Beaujon

Conference Information

The last decade has seen tremendous technological growth in the use of advanced measurement technologies for model and full-scale testing in the marine industry. In spite of the growth there has been no focused international event to discuss instruments, techniques and methodologies currently use or innovative new concepts on the horizon. It is therefore timely to gather test facilities, researchers, academics and all related marine stakeholders to discuss and disseminate advanced model measurement techniques.

AMT’09 is a 2 day technical conference ( with 38 presentations on contemporary experimentation topics such as PIV, high speed video methods and flow / wave measurement techniques. It provides a unique opportunity for test facilities, researchers, academics and other related marine stakeholders to discuss and disseminate advanced measurement technologies of model and fullscale testing.

The AMT’09 conference will provide a platform for networking between the participants and members of the FP6–Hydro Testing Alliance Network of Excellence who are organizing AMT’09 ( Conference Venue

The 1st International Conference on Advanced Model Measurement Technology For the EU Maritime Industry will be held from Tuesday 1st to Wednesday 2nd September 2009 at Ecole de Centrale de Nantes, in Nates, France. For local directions to the venue please visit

Organising Committee

Prof. Mehmet Atlar, University of Newcastle, U.K. Dr. Jean-Paul Borleteau, SIREHNA, France Audrey Pavageau SIREHNA, France Rod Sampson University of Newcastle, U.K. Standing Committee Albert B. Aalbers (Co-Chairman) MARIN, The Netherlands Mr. Björn Allenström SSPA Sweden AB, Sweden Prof. Mehmet Atlar (Co-Chairman) University of Newcastle, U.K. Dr. Enrico de Bernardis INSEAN, Italy Dr. Jean-Paul Borleteau (Co-Chairman) SIREHNA, France Mr. Graham Cooper QinetiQ, United Kingdom. Dr. Didier Fréchou Bassin d’Essais de Carènes, France. Dipl. Ing. Jürgen Friesch HSVA, Germany. Dr. Andreas Gronarz DCSTTS, Germany. Mr. Heikki Helasharju VTT, Finland Prof. Atilla Incecik Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde, U.K. Mr. Willem Laros CESA, Belgium. Mr. Ivar Nygaard MARINTEK, Norway. Dr. ir. Jan Tukker MARIN, The Netherlands. Dr. Leszek Wilczynski Centrum Techniki Okretowej S.A., Poland

Provisional List of Papers

Acoustic wave height measurements in a towing facility Arthur Bouvy1, Rupert Henn2, & Jens Hensse3, MARIN1, DST2, General Acoustics3

Determination of wetted surface Björn Allenström1, Artur Chodorowski2, Hans Jörgen Rambech3 & Jan Tukker4 SSPA Sweden AB1, Chalmers University of Technology2, Marintek3 & MARIN4

A direct measurement of wave resistance by the measurement of wave height on a surface patch Sander M. Çalisal, Jeff Tan & Mete E Sifreli University of British Columbia

Design of a turbulent channel flow facility for antifouling coating research Georgios Politis et al. Newcastle University

Analysis of high-speed video data for assessment of the risk of cavitation erosion Mikael Grekula1 & Göran Bark2 SSPA Sweden AB1 & Chalmers University of Technology2

Advanced model testing techniques for ship behaviour in shallow and confined water Greet Van Kerkhove1 & Marc Vantorre2 Flanders Hydraulics Research1 & Ghent University2

Hydrodynamics of damaged ship in roll mode of motion – an experimental approach. Jakub Cichowicz & Dracos Vassalos

Ship Stability Research Centre, Universities of Glasgow & Strathclyde Challenges for PIV in towing facilities Jan. Tukker, R. Hallmann & M.A.Verhulst

MARIN Subsea communications in a towing facility Nick Kimber1, Haite van der Schaaf2 & Ian Crowther3 QinetiQ1, MARIN2 & WFS3

Digital in-line holography : application to pipe flow visualization N. Verrier, S. Coëtmellec, M. Brunel, & D. Lebrun Groupe d’optique et d’optoélectronique

Studies on pod propulsors and related procedures – The unified approach Radoslaw Glodowski et al. Ship Design and Research Centre S.A. (CTO)

Low-cost modernization of ship models milling machine Svetlozar Boyadzhiev Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Centre (BSHC)

Tow tank measurements of 3-D wave fields Thomas C. Fu & Anne M. Fullerton, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division

Applications of Stereo Particle Image Velocimetry to Ship Wake and Propeller Flows T. Bugalski, Ship Design and Research Centre S.A. (CTO)

Video methods in hydrodynamic model tests Stoyan Stoyanov, Bulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Centre (BSHC)

Propeller cavitation 3D reconstruction through stereo-vision algorithms Luca Savio, Michele Viviani, Marco Ferrando & Giovanni Carrera, Genoa University

Development of a Laser Wavegauge for Dynamic Wave Height Measurements in the B600 Towing Tank J-B Richon1 & M. Reeves1, M. Darquier2 & D. Fréchou2

Laser & Imaging Sciences1 & Bassin d’Essais des Carènes2 3D structures in wave elevation patterns Carl Trygve Stansberg1, Didier Frechou2, Rupert Henn3, Janou Hennig4, Arthur Bouvi4 Jean-Paul Borleteau5 & Heng Ran6 MARINTEK1, BEC2, DST3, MARIN4 ; Sirehna5 & SSPA6

SPIV Measurements of rudder flow and vortex systems in the towing tank Pascal Anschau SVA, Potsdam

On bubble clustering and energy spectra in pseudo-turbulence Chao Sun, Julian Martinez Mercado, Daniel Chehata Gomez, Dennis Van Gils, & Detlef Lohse

Physics of Fluids Group, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Twente Ship model propeller manufacturing by using RPT Tomaso Bazzi & Lanfranco Benedetti INSEAN – The Italian Ship Model Basin

Measuring sloshing impacts during full scale tests E. van de Bunt and M.L. Kaminski MARIN

PIV operation in hydrodynamic facilities Jean-Paul Borleteau1, D. Fréchou2, L. Mèés3 D. Lebrun3, T. Bugalski4, B. Friedhoff5 G. Lammers6, F. Di Felice7 & M. Verhulst8, C. Muthanna9, N. Ireland10, J. Hallander11 R. Delfos12 & G. Romano13 SIRENHA1, BEC2, CORIA3, CTO4, DST5, HSVA6, INSEAN7 MARIN8, MARINTEK9, QINETIQ10, SSPA11, TU Delft12 & University ROMA13

Processing and analysis of data collected in-service on board of SeaFrance Rodin Tiberiu Muntean1, Hubert Vincent2, Faisal Irzal3 & Stef Van Eijndhoven3, Wärtsilä Netherlands1, SeaFrance2, Eindhoven University of Technology3

Torque measurement and friction elimination in tidal turbine model tests M. A. R. Knös, J. Dubois-Marshall, R. A. Norman and M. J. Downie Newcastle University

Drag reduction estimate based on stereo PIV measurements of the wake behind a modified Ahmed Body René Delfos, Nikolay Semin & Marc Harleman Delft University of Technology

Development of a new PIV technique for flow field measurements in the towing tank Dimitris E. Liarokapis, Gregory J. Grigoropoulos & Stelios G. Perissakis National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

Introducing a seven-hole pitot arrangement for measuring wake flows in the towing tank Dimitris E. Liarokapis, Gregory J. Grigoropoulos and Stelios G. Perissakis National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

Investigations on micro-bubble velocity and size in a water jet using Interferometric Laser Imaging S. Grizzi1, G. Lacagnina2, F. Di Felice1, & G.P. Romano2 INSEAN1 & University La Sapienza2

State-of-the-art towing-tank PIV and LDA systems Palle Gjelstrup & Oliver Pust Dantec Dynamics A/S

A wireless Inertial Motion Unit for motion analysis in towing tank experiments F. La Gala & M. Gammaldi, INSEAN

Methods and procedures for high-speed video recording and analysis of pressure fluctuations in propeller cavitation F. Pereira1 and G. Aloisio1, H. Bretschneider2 C. Johannsen2, M. Grekula3, G. Bark3, E. van de Bunt4, M. Versluis5 & E. Gelderblom5 INSEAN1, HSVA2, SSPA/Chalmers3, MARIN4 & UTWENTE5

Boundary layer development and shear stresses measurements around an oyster table Youen Kervella1, Grégory Germain1 Benoît Gaurier1 Mathieu Debeaumont1,Jean-Valéry Facq2 Florence Cayocca1 & Patrick Lesueur2 IFREMER1 & Universite de Caen-Basse Normandie2

Advanced free running model technology from model to full-scale Ed Kennedy & G. Gregory Janes, National Research Council Canada - Institute for Ocean Technology (IOT)

Tip vortex measurements of a rectangular hydrofoil using stereoscopic particle image velocimetry technique (SPIV) Jungkuen Oh1 & Jung Chun Suh2 Inha University1, Seoul National University2

A Novel Approach for Stereo PIV Calibration in Towing Tank S. Grizzi, F. Pereira, F. Di Felice INSEAN

HTA-JRP1 Flat Plate Experiment : Assessment of SPIV Problems and Accuracy in Towing Tank Applications Jean Paul Borleteau1, Rene Delfos2, Fabio Di Felice3, Chittiappa Muthanna4 SIREHNA1, TU Delft2 INSEAN3, MARINTEK4,

PIV study on the effectiveness of strakes on marine risers Jan Visscher, Stian Skarpengland & Øyvind S. Hansen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Conference Registration

Please send completed registration form and payment to :

Mrs Audrey PAVAGEAU AMT’09 SIREHNA 1 Rue de la Noë BP 42105 44321 Nantes CEDEX 3 France E-mail : audrey.pavageau [at] Ph : 00 33 2 51 86 02 86 Fax : 00 33 2 40 74 17 36


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